Bob Grommes

Software Architect / Developer


(480) 540-6317

Overview of Qualifications

Highly seasoned designer / developer of business application software (web-based and traditional).  Experienced on a wide variety of projects, large and small, over more than two decades.  Primary current development skill set is with the Microsoft .NET platform, including C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, .NET Remoting, Windows Services, and SQL Server.


I not only have proven technical skills and knowledge, but also know how to communicate effectively with management, colleagues, vendors and end users.  I also understand business requirements and the importance of making sure that the technology serves business objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Professional Experience

Software Developer / Team Lead, Ansonia Credit Data.

Olympia, WA.  June 2008 through the present.


Responsibilities / accomplishments:


·         Refactored custom ETL platform and scaled to handle hundreds of data contributors with minimal ongoing human intervention. The system automatically processes millions of records per month in real time.

·         Hired, trained and supervised developers for this project as the client customer base grew. My team is responsible for analysis, intake, processing and hygeine of data contributed in a variety of formats, from CSV and Excel files to proprietary EBCDIC data. We handle multiple types of data, from accounts receivable experiences to collection activity reports.

·         Devised a rule-based engine for standardizing business names and addresses including custom hygeine for such issues as removing extraneous notations and codes and standardizing beyond standard postal requirements.

·         Developed custom tools for data hygeiene rule creation and maintenance.

·         Created industry-leading quality assurance practices and business rules implementations that often result in Ansonia detecting and correcting inconsistent or inaccurate data that their competitors never notice.

·         Implemented real-time proprietary credit risk score that provides unique predictive payment performance ratings without bogging down client's system.

Software Developer,

Boca Raton, FL.  March 2007 through the May 2008.


Responsibilities / accomplishments:


·         Assisted in transitioning legacy code to client's platform.

·         Analysis / custom ETL code development for new data formats and sources.

Software Designer / Lead Developer, Global Database Marketing, Inc.

Scottsdale, AZ.  Feb 2002 through September 2004, then part time through the present.


Responsibilities / accomplishments:


·         Porting and upgrading existing database, CRM software (DealerSense) and import / merge tools to the Microsoft .NET platform using C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server.  Designed a 3 tier ORM library to support the exceedingly complex business logic in this application.  Hired, trained and supervised two developers on this project.

·         Designed and completed an extensive distributed automation system for acquiring and converting raw data from client computer systems.  Used both .NET Remoting and ActiveX Automation extensively for this project.

·         Designed and completed data conversion components supporting many different proprietary raw data formats.  Large C# console application, designed and built from scratch, including I/O libraries for reading and writing various text file formats.

·         Re-architected mail preparation system, integrating tools from a new vendor and eliminating complex and error-prone operator tasks.  COM Interop to the vendor API.

·         Created C++ scripts to support new digital color press system.  Proprietary scripting engine.

·         Managed outside team producing a content-management system for generating email reminders to subscribers.  This was a combination WinForms and ASP.NET solution using C#, MSMQ, and talking directly to Windows SMTP Service.

·         Successfully headed a crash project to support special data processing requirements of a large new client.  Combination of new C# WinForms and legacy FoxPro solutions.


Software Developer,

Phoenix, AZ, July, 2000 to February, 2002; September 2004 to present.


Site maintenance / trouble-shooting and database administration duties for, and numerous co-branded web sites.  Completed a web application that allows users to obtain instant appraisal on a vehicle based on age, geographic location and condition, then print a window price sticker showing standard and optional factory equipment.  Recently rolled out a customized classified advertising feature, including shopping cart integration (  Technology base here is classic ASP and SQL Server 2000, plus some C# console applications for interfacing with partner servers via HTTP and XML and performing periodic tasks such as complex vehicle depreciation calculations.

Information Systems Director / Lead Developer, The CreditExchange Inc.

Direct contract position, Phoenix, AZ, July, 1998 to July, 2002.


Created data import / cleansing and management system for this commercial credit bureau to build a 15 million-record SQL Server database from scratch.  This database services a private web site providing real-time credit information to paying members in the form of management reports for viewing or download (  The entire data processing operation was highly automated to permit ongoing consolidation of data from more than 75 sources.  Responsibilities involved extensive contact with IT directors and software developers in corporations of various sizes; strategic planning and business plan development; vendor selection; and recruitment of technical staff.  The web site has had paying customers since January 1999 and by the time I left was profitably servicing over 250 member companies.  Web technology base was IIS / MTS / ASP, in transition to ASP.NET.  (The CreditExchange was acquired in June 2005 by eCredit of Boston).

Software Design Consultant / Developer, Caladon Trading Co.

Las Vegas, NV, June, 1999 to October, 2001 and October, 2004 thru March, 2005


Training and application design assistance to the staff of Caladon and its sister firm, Teutonic Software Co.  Completed a web-based purchase order application for Caladon’s customers.  Participated in development of a commercial inventory control / sales order system (VB.NET WinForms) for pharmaceutical wholesalers, via their subsidiary, Teutonic Software.

Instructor / Courseware Author, Application Developers Training Co.

Minneapolis, MN, October, 1998 to October, 2001


AppDev conducts public seminars and on-site training for developers around the U.S.  I was instrumental in the development of their FoxPro courseware many years ago and have been tapped for current revisions and white papers as well as creation of new hands-on labs for their on-site seminars and instructor’s notes for classes taught by Microsoft.  I have also taught one week classes in five cities.


Software Developer, Kinetic IT

Phoenix, AZ, July, 1998 to November, 2000


Assignments included:


·         Y2K review and maintenance for a membership tracking system, followed by porting same from 16 to 32 bit Windows.

·         Featured speaker at Microsoft DevDays ’98, Phoenix

Senior Software Developer / Team Leader, Global Database Marketing, Inc.

Scottsdale, AZ, March, 1997 to September 1998


Developed software to increase business automation and reduce labor and transform the functionality of an in-house proof-of-concept application into a commercially viable application using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0.

Senior Software Developer / Team Leader, Younger Direct Software Solutions

Scottsdale, AZ, July, 1996 to March 1997


Developed software to manage large consumer and business to business marketing databases.  Typical database size was in the 2 million record range and beyond.  Oracle 7.2 was the back-end and Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0 was the front-end.

President, Software Excellence, Inc.

Kalamazoo, MI, December, 1994 through June, 1996

Self employed, dba B & G Microsystems

Grand Rapids, MI, September 1983 through November, 1994

Owner. Independent consultant and software developer. Developed a wide variety of applications for clients in many industries.  Applications included general accounting, manufacturing, and inventory control.  Worked with up to three full-time sub-contractors.


Recent Continuing Education

Seminar, Microsoft Corp., April 2005. Two-day course on Microsoft Office automation with .NET.

MSDN Briefing, Microsoft Corp, July 2002.  .NET Remoting Architecture.

Seminar, Microsoft Corp., June 2002.  SharePoint Portal Server.

MSDN Briefing, Microsoft Corp., May 2002.  Security / deployment issues with Internet Information Server.

MSDN Briefing, Microsoft Corp., May 2002.  Class on ADO.NET and Enterprise Services technologies.

WinDev 2001, Boston University, June 2001.  One-week independently-sponsored conference focusing on Microsoft .NET technologies with emphasis on C#, .NET framework and ASP.NET topics.

Publishing Credits

Book Credits:

Inside FoxPro 2.5 for Windows, ISBN 1-56205-178-4, 1358 pages, New Rider’s Publishing, Indianapolis.  August, 1993.

Inside FoxPro 2.5 for DOS, ISBN 1-56295-143-1, 1089 pages, New Rider’s Publishing, Indianapolis.  May, 1993.

Explorando FoxPro 2.5 Para DOS, ISBN 85-7001-849-5, 933 pages, Campus, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  March, 1994.

Secretele Sistemului FoxPro 2.5 Pentru Dos, ISBN 973-601-304-9, 992 pages, Teora, Bucharest, Romania.  April, 1996.

The Revolutionary Guide to OOP in Visual FoxPro — ISBN 1-874416-40-0, Wrox Press Ltd., Birmingham, Great Britain. May, 1996.

Editing Credits:

Application Developer’s Training Company (AppDev). Minneapolis, MN.  Co-authored and performed technical edit for their FoxPro 2.6 courseware, Spring, 1994. Performed technical edit of their Visual FoxPro 3.0 courseware, Summer 1995. Substitute taught, Fall, 1995.  Authored hands-on labs and did some tech editing for Visual FoxPro 6.0 courseware, 1998.  In regular instructor rotation in 1999.  Through 2001, periodically tech edited and author courseware materials and provide technical support to students.

Pinnacle Publishing, Inc. Kent, WA. Editor of FoxTalk, a monthly journal for professional FoxPro developers, July 1993 through February 1996 issues. Responsible for author recruitment and development, negotiation of fees, technical editing and rough grammatical cleanup. Planned issue content (including monthly companion disk), assisted with production of annual FoxTalk Comprehensive CD and article indexes (both print and electronic).

Quickstart Technologies, Inc., Newport Beach, CA.  Performed technical edit of the article, “Build Active Web Pages with Visual FoxPro” by Bill House in Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, May/June 1996 issue.

Article credits:

18 articles and a weekly column in the May 1993 thru December 1998 time frame (FoxPro Advisor, FoxTalk).

Speaking credits:

In addition to software engineering courses taught for AppDev (see above), spoke at eight different developer conferences and user groups during October 1993 through December 1999.